Editing Project

Part 1: Student Media Meeting

My first part of the three was going to a student media meeting. It was not very long, but it did cover a lot of material at the 10-minute meeting. The three other people attending the meeting went over news stories that could potentially be something covered by Sidelines. For example, they talked about a story over how Haslam says he was disappointed with universities because they are largely outsourcing maintenance. Knoxville ended up replying to Haslam over why they do it. They also talked about covering what the new tax plan that Congress is working on. They would mostly talk about how that plan will affect students and universities.

Part 2: Copy-Editing for Sidelines

The next part of three I did was copy-editing for Sidelines. I was given an article about a football player. I made sure to check all the proper nouns first. After that, I went through and looked up how AP style wants phrasing to be said with football. Once that was complete, I made sure all the verbs were in agreeance with each other. Lastly, I made sure that punctuation was correct. The only thing I really needed up finding was the author put “passing yards” instead of “yards passing” in the article.

Link to article is here:


*I noticed that this was the article I had copy-edited, but they changed the article to make it shorter.

Part 3: Ten errors on Sidelines

The last part of my project was to find 10 errors on Sidelines. A lot of them were just little things that were easily fixed.


Error 1: “program’s” instead of “programs”

Error 2: remove the “as well” after “leadership roles”

Error 3: Is “6-foot-10-inch” instead of 6’10”


Error 4: should be Oct. 25-29 instead of October


Error 5: “belly dancing” instead of “belly-dancing”


Error 6:” 6 p.m.-10 p.m.” instead of “6pm-10pm”

Error 7: “50 percent off” instead of “50% off”

Error 8: “half price” instead of “½ price”


Error 9: “a brewery” instead of “a Brewery”

Error 10: “brewery — best” instead of “Brewery-best”



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