Response to “Why Writers Lie” By Paul Elie

The article can be found here:

This article was very interesting and had a lot of information for people who write as a career to really think about. I always wondered why people would lie and plagiarize stories that, today, are so easy to be found as a plagiarized piece. After reading the article, it makes a little more sense. Elie wrote about what Dr. Ronald Schouten, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, said when trying to figure out why they lie. After reading that, it made me understand more. That feeling of you being popular and noticed is what they were mostly after. They wanted to be seen as great in their career and they would do some underhanded means to get there. They knew it was wrong, but they did it anyway.

There was one thing that I really thought about while reading this, though. In today’s age, people do not necessarily care if things are real or made up. People tend to believe in what they want, facts be damned. Not everyone is of that thought process, but the ones that see it that way are the ones who speak the loudest. These people want to believe in the real “fake news” that does not have any evidence of it being factual or any sources to show it wasn’t made up. To make matters worse, they believe that the real news, who has the evidence and a number of sources, is the “fake news.”


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